Figure I: Comparison of the deformation and color change of radially aggregated and nested biopolymer prints aged over 1 year with different 2-dimensional geometries and 3-dimensional forms.

Figure II: Toolpaths from printed biopolymer sheets in set.

Figure III: A series of bilaterally symmetric prints are composed of a pectin chitosan infill base layer with a cellulose lattice surface layer. The center lines of each print have a region of pectin infill printed above the cellulose lattice.

Figure IV: A set of 10 different prints are clamped along the wetted central pectin spine to adhere all surfaces together. The edges of each of these surfaces are exposed to a humidifier and folded into adjacent surfaces.

Figure V: Renderings and drawings of folded biopolymer schematic design.

Figure VI: Composite pie chart circle diagram comparing ingredient volum and cost of materials for each single material print (8 swatch types).

Figure VII: Diagram comparing volume of material, print duration, and cost for differen biopolymer formulas used in each print in the series.