Figure I: Topographic 3-dimensional maps of the Tokyo metropolitan region depicting overlay of artificial land infill, frequency of flooding, landscape cover types and geography.

Figure II: Maps of Tokyo Bay showing material flows through sea and land transportation routes. 


Figure III: Topographic 3-dimensional maps of the Tokyo metropolitan region depicting areas affected by historic flooding and fire events with the growth of the urban core.

Figure III: Sourcing of Hinoki log from lumber yard in Gifu Japan.

Figure IV: Comparison of the tree ring pattern of the 100+ year old Hinoki tree cross section used to make the Tokyo Model compared with the rign road layout and conentric growth of Edo from the imperial palace.

Figure V: Diagrams showing how a single trunk of Hinoki wood sourced from Hida Japan was specifically cut in the lumber yard and assembled into the 1m x 1m x 1m model of Tokyo so that the endgrain of the wood formed a concentric pattern around the imperial palace.

Figure VI: Top view of model (left) representing proposal for Tokyo in the year 2200 that concentrates human habitation into ecospheres that are resilient against sea level rise and earthquakes. Bottom view of same model (right) that shows a virtual topography that represents the composite terraforming of the area’s land and water from the edo period  to present, where the z axis represents time.

Figure VII: Side view of model showing aggregate historical topography reflection in the mirror and transparent columns that support the top.

Figure VIII: Side view of Tokyo 2200 model in Mori Museum with. aview of the Tokyo skyline in the background at day (left) and night (right) with integrated lighting.

Figure IX: Model installed in the Mori Museum with panels showing archtietural sections through ecospheres. 

Figure X: Test blocks of CNC machined wood end grain  to test surface features and patterns.

Figure XI: Test blocks of CNC machined wood end grain  to test surface features and patterns.

Figure XII: 50 unique 3D printed translucent orbs representing different ecosphere settlements shown with light difusing properties.