Figure I: Biopolymer printing gantry photo with pneumatic extruding end effector depositing different liquid hydrogel onto print bed.

Figure II: Biopolymer printing gantry photo with perspective elevation drawing showing set up in print room with end effector, print bed, drying beds and integrated lighting for imaging and recording experiments.

Figure III: Series of 360 ml cartridges containing colored pectin hydrogel. (left to right) Black – Charcoal, Dark Blue – Indigo, Dark Green – Spirulina, Green – Matcha, Yellow – Turmeric, Dark Red – Beet, Dark Brown – Cinnamon, Brown – Pomegranate, Light Orange – Chitosan, Orange – Standard, Light Tan – Calcium.

Figure IV: Technical isometric drawing of the CNC biopolymer printing gantry showing print and drying beds with detail drawing of the end effector with removable cartridges and nozzles diameters.